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Wrongful Death

New Jersey Wrongful Death Representation

At the law office of LaBarbiera & Martinez, we understand and respect the incredible loss suffered by families of wrongful death victims. The catastrophy of losing a family member in an avoidable fatal accident as a result of someone else's negligence or wrongdoing leaves people with heavy burdens, emotionally and financially.

We know that there is no dollar figure that can be put on the value of one more day with a father, sister, mother or son who was lost in a tragic accident, but you shouldn't have to carry the burden of a financial loss as you are struggling to figure out how to move forward. We can help you make sure that you have the financial resources that you are owed, so that you don't have to struggle under medical expenses and lost wages.

Have played an active role in assisting our wrongful death clients with matters outside of the legal spectrum. We are proud and honored to assist clients with anything from making funeral arrangements to collecting life insurance proceeds to simply listening to our clients in their time of need. This bond often continues in the years after an award is given as our clients become part of our extended family.

Experienced, Effective and Respectful Attorneys

We support clients when things are at their worst. We do this because we recognize that there are people out there who will try to take advantage of others in times of tragedy. We have seen the unfair treatment that our clients have received when a system they had relied on suddenly fails them.

Our attorneys can help you work to take away the real world burdens of financial hardship while you and your family recover.

Dedication to Complex Litigation

Wrongful death cases require 24/7 dedication, and team with the resources and skill to meet the challenges. At the law office of LaBarbiera & Martinez, we offer proven results backed by a commitment to pursue your wrongful death case to maximize your compensation.

We have the staff, the resources, the experience and the reputation for succeeding in recovering significant awards for the families of wrongful death victims. We will be your advisor, your support, your advocate and an unfailingly reliable legal counselor.

Meet With an Experienced Lawyer

Schedule an appointment with our wrongful death attorneys to discuss your case free of charge and at no risk to you. Contact us online or by phone at 201-854-6444 today.

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