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Construction Site Accidents

Representation for Workplace Injuries

It is understood that construction sites are hazardous places, which is why the need for safety and proper precautions on the part of employers and third party workers is so critical. Many construction site accidents could and should have been avoided. When you are the victim of a workplace accident resulting in serious injury, you may be able to recover more than just workers' compensation. If a party other than your employer was at fault, you may be entitled to file a separate action for pain and suffering and punitive damages, so that you have the resources you need to support yourself and your family during your recovery.

At the law office of LaBarbiera & Martinez in North Bergen, we field a team of highly experienced and well respected personal injury and workers' compensation trial attorneys who can evaluate your case, advise you on how to proceed and represent your needs in and out of the courtroom.

Construction Site Injury Lawyers

Our personal injury team is headed by a well respected workers' compensation attorney who has represented clients who have suffered fatal and debilitating injuries and has lectured to other lawyers on workers' compensation law. We provide informed and experienced legal services in construction site accident cases resulting in serious injury or wrongful death.

From scaffolding accidents in high-rise construction to factory floor accidents, we can help you recover the compensation you and your family need in difficult financial times. We represent clients in cases of:

Consult with an Attorney

When your family is left with mounting medical costs and not enough income, the decisions you make about pursuing workers' compensation and personal injury litigation are crucial. Private insurers have a vested interest in making certain that they pay as little as possible, often providing too little compensation for workers with long term injuries or denying claims outright.

To protect your right to pursue the compensation that will secure your financial needs now and into the future, consult with a professional. Contact our office online or by phone to schedule a free initial consultation with our construction site accident attorneys.

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